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What is managed hosting and how it works?

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Many organizations are willing to move their IT infrastructure into the cloud to face the array options, which would be easier for them to handle the inbound data’s of the company. In general terms, it is called as managed hosting or managed dedicated hosting or single-tenant hosting or dedicated servers all times mean to single term managed to host. Many people would be familiar with shared server hosting or dedicated server hosting, but when it comes to managed to organize, most of them do not know what is what. To make it simple enough the managed hosting is nothing but an IT provisioning or service model where a customer is offered with lease dedicated servers along with associated hardware and the service providers would manage all systems on behalf of the customer. In this managed hosting customers are allowed to rent a dedicated server, hardware, software, and operating systems all these only serve to the single customer, and in unique tenancy lease method the customer has only administrative access to the system.

The managed parts in the sense the MSP takes care of administration, infrastructure support and management all these are housed in specific data center location which is owned by the service providers and chosen by the customer it is known as managed hosting. At present, some companies would prefer to have unmanaged hosting where the customer would get all hardware, software, data center space for lease from the provider and manage by themselves. As technology goes on upgrading MSP business attains higher range, and there are several inventions in day to day life.

Features of managed hosting:

Managed hosting remains to be first process level for companies that need to move their IT infrastructure into the cloud. Although the company tries to push its support via the IT service model, there are some limitation prevails to keep them away from the public cloud. Thus there are several managed to host servicing companies available to make the site stand up even in the site traffic spikes. To make clear enough about managed hosting here are some of the features why managed hosting are opted are listed below.

  • In managed hosting, it is easy to have backups of entire work, and disaster recovery is also possible.
  • The managed hosting providers help a lot in balancing the load.
  • It also provides several security services like threads and malware scan, mitigation, distributed denial service prevention, and intrusion detection.
  • The managed hosting data centers are safeguarded with physical security measures.
  • While having managed to host the customer gets support for all application, server configuration, application maintenance, monitoring, and for resolving all technical issues.

Apart from all the above features, some of managed hosting companies made a partnership with topmost cloud providers to expand their management service offers.

Moreover, the managed hosting always comes with the service level agreements where the customer needs to pay off for the managed hosting service. Also, to this, most of the service providers would offer several add on services or packages and facilities to give advanced service.

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