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Essentials of VPS hosting

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VPS hosting is the most affordable hosting solution for web users. This virtual server acts as a dedicated server and allows the user to access all features. All of these features come at a fraction of its price. So using a VPS hosting solution comes under the budget. You can get your server which has the capability which acts as independently at a reasonable price. This hosting system has two choices called windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS. You can choose any of either window VPS or Linux VPS which is friendlier to use. This hosting of the physical server is divided into small virtual servers via a virtual platform. This virtual server can act independently like a dedicated server and own operating system where you can always reboot your server whenever it required.

Features of VPS hosting as shared hosting

• VPS hosting is more flexible over shared hosting, where you can customize it to install and uninstall various applications and software according to your requirement.

• Your server is a separate entity from the others, and it is very much secured and don’t need to face lousy neighbor effect on your windows VPS or in Linux VPS.

• You can get your dedicated IP with your VPS hosting.

• A virtual server is rich in features.

• VPS is more value for money products as you pay less and you can still get more terms of features, security, management, etc.

• Backup of server can be taken every day so that you will never lose your data.

• The hosting provider manages your server without any cost. All you have to pay is just a price of the plan.

• It is effortless to shift to a VPS, where you can move from one hosting provider to another one very quickly in VPS hosting.

• Setting up VPS hosting is also very easy. All you need to do is order your hosting provider, and it will be delivered to you within 2-3 hours in a day.

• VPS hosting helps in virtualization and make the technology possible.

• Web developers also find it as a nice to have this solution like a virtual server which provides an effective and affordable testbed to test their applications by using VPS hosting.


VPS stands for the virtual private servers. If you sign up for a VPS account, then you are given root access to the mind and the entire setup that you need for the root admin of the computer. However, this is only a virtual compartment which is set aside using special software. You can get VPS plans that start from $30 per month, which is compared to another dedicated server even cost more than $200 per month. This is why such hosting takes off and goes as much as faster in affordable pricing. If you are budget conscious or budget is not a concern, then you can envision the site by growing big with VPS hosting. If you are running a small, medium-sized venue, need control over the website, then both VPS can fulfill your requirement, which is based on the budget. You can always start a newly branded site from scratch, and you can still grow big from this by using VPS hosting.

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